Algebra Extensions

PLC Question #1: What do we want our students to learn?

Algebra Extensions Course Description
Algebra Extension SLOs.xlsx
Algebra Extensions SLO Rubrics.docx
Algebra Extensions Professional Standards.docx

Additional Resources

Algebra Extensions Student Waiver Form (Completed by Parent/Guardian)

If a student's parent or guardian requests withdrawal from Algebra Extensions during the first week of school, they must complete this form and adhere to the process outlined in the document.

Algebra Extensions Transfer Form (Completed by Teacher)

If a teacher believes that a student should be transferred out of the course after the first semester, they must complete this form and send it to both the student's counselor and the math content specialist (Joe Werner -

TTA Resource Page (Password: TTAMAMS)
A bank of resources from TTA (PDF versions of the student AND teacher workbooks, self-guided training, instructional resources, etc...)

SolveMe Puzzles
Interactive puzzles that directly align to the TTA curriculum

**NOTE** If you are new to this course, please contact Olivia Allpress ( for a Dropbox chock full of helpful student and teacher resources, including slides, assessments, and activities!