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Course Curriculum

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Program Resources


Course alike PLC (Professional Learning Community) norms, meeting minutes, attendance, calendar, etc

Skills (CTSO)

CTSOs are cross curricular Career & Technical Student-led Organizations that work to create industry professionals through leadership seminars, networking opportunities and competitive events.


A school-based enterprise is a hands-on learning environment and an entrepreneurial operation located in a school setting.


ADE (Arizona Department of Education) approved CTE program description, industry credential/s, coherent sequence, technical standard, professional standards, blueprint, instructional framework, equipment list, etc.

Advisory Council

Advisory committee is a network of students, parents, administrators, industry professionals, teachers, & career specialists that meet regularly to evaluate CTE programs and determine how to make them more responsive to, and reflective of, the current industry and labor market.

TQI (Total Quality Indicators)

The TQI instrument includes six standards designed to validate a comprehensive CTE program.

Performance Measures

PMs are a Perkins V grant accountability system to “assess the effectiveness of the eligible optimize ROI of Federal funds in CTE activities”.

AZ Curriculum Connection

The AZ Curriculum Consortium digital library of teacher vetted CTE curriculum and Open Educational Resources (OER).